Keep all the information you need to remember on your desktop

NotesPP is multifunctional digital notes organizer software that lets you post notes on your Windows desktop. It is a great digital notes keeper to organize information, make to-do lists or just write down ideas and thoughts. NotesPP is a perfect digital notes organizer for making quick reminders which will inform you about the approaching dates and events and other important matters without interrupting your work.

Using NotesPP (notes keeper & notes manager & notes organizer) you can create digital notes and send them to your friends and colleagues over LAN or the Internet. The note will appear on the recipient desktop just as it was on yours. Furthermore, this notes organizer software can be used as a reminder service - you can set up alarm (including recurring alarm) for each digital note you send to your friends or co-workers to remind them about daily tasks or special dates and events using different alarm actions. Using NotesPP you can also send digital notes via email.



NotesPP 6.6